About ACT
Our mission is to empower the insurance industry with precision and efficiency, delivering expertly tailored building diagrams to streamline claims processing and enhance client success.
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What we do
ACT delivers unparalleled building diagrams at the intersection of affordability and excellence. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and customer-centric service, we offer tailored solutions that enhance decision-making for insurance carriers and professionals nationwide.
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Download our mobile app to order building diagrams while you're in the field.
Why ACT?
Precision and Clarity
Advanced technology ensures our diagrams are the industry benchmark for accuracy.
Affordable Excellence
High-quality diagrams accessible to a diverse client base without compromising detail.
Customer-Centric Service
Personalized support that builds lasting partnerships and exceeds expectations.
Innovative Solutions
Continuously updated offerings that keep pace with industry demands, facilitating seamless claims processes.
Our partners
We offer our clients industry-leading customer service, monthly invoicing, volume discounts, API integration, and custom branded order sites.
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